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A bit of history and the plans


In April 2005 planning work began on creating an Industrial Park in the postindustrial areas of the liquidated Huta Silesia (Silesia Ironworks) in Katowice, which are to be rehabilitated. As a result of the work, on the 28th of April 2005, on the basis of the Collaboration Agreement made between:


1.      The City of Katowice,

2.      Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. (Regional Development Agency) in Bielsko Biała,

3.      Górnośląska Agencja Przekształceń Przedsiębiorstw S.A. (Upper Silesian Agency of Enterprise Transformations) in Katowice,

4.      Górnośląski Park Przemysłowy Sp. z o. o. (Upper) Silesian Industrial Park



The Upper (GPP – Górnośląski Park Przemysłowy) was established in Silesian Industrial ParkKatowice as a business activity zone intended especially for small- and medium-sized companies. The Park’s activity zone covers 80,000 m2 of postindustrial areas in the north of Katowice.



The building works at the first stage of creating the Industrial Park covered the construction of a production/warehouse/office hall started in January of 2007, and was completed one year later. The facility was officially opened in February 2008.



The concept and design work on the development of a further 40,000 m2 of the Park area and 90,000 m2 of adjacent areas is now in progress.  The plans of the Park development are focused on passive buildings, i.e. office and laboratory facilities built with the use of technology enabling maintenance of an adequately high energy efficiency factor. The main part is the design of the laboratory where the energy efficiency of buildings used in Silesia will be examined.



In November 2008 Katowice Special Economic Zone has granted zone status to the part of the lot with an area of 13,000 m2, intended for the construction of an innovative office building.


Where we are and why the location is our asset?


Our Park is located in the north of Katowice, in a postindustrial area of great investment and research potential, situated in a region where urban and regional business functions are being extensively developed. The area has convenient communication links with the centre of Katowice (2 km), Siemianowice Śląskie (2 km), and other cities in the region.


Features of high significance for the project are as follows:

  • links with the key communication lines: A4 [Wrocław - Katowice - Kraków - Rzeszów (5 km)], A1 [Cieszyn - Katowice - Częstochowa - Łódź (5 km)], Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa (1.5 km),
  • links with regional airports Katowice Pyrzowice - 25 km, Kraków Balice - 65 km,
  • easy access to business infrastructure (highly developed network of financial and insurance institutions, organizations supporting enterprise, and units supporting the administration activities of companies),
  • great potential of professional and young employees.

Sector characteristics


The offer of the existing facility is not targeted at a specific economic sector. The hall, as a universal building, can be a perfect solution for warehousing, production and office activities. However, according to the general principle applied, the activities of companies operating in the Park must not be hazardous to the environment. We take into consideration the level of gas, electric energy and water consumption, of noise generated, as well as the types and volume of production and warehouse waste.  We also pay attention to the level of innovations introduced by the companies that create the Park’s image. Our hall is especially designed for small- and medium-sized companies; the Upper has been specifically developed for them. Silesian Industrial Park


Our development activities are focused on passive constructions and we would like to concentrate on that building sector. Our aim is to gather in the Park companies manufacturing devices that enable creating passive buildings, companies providing services in that scope, and above all, to recruit scientists examining the energy efficiency of buildings.    


Our offer


The basic elements of our offer include production/warehouse/office areas:


  • production and warehouse area of 14,600 m2
  • office area of 2,200 m2


There are production and warehouse segments rented of different sizes, adjusted to the requirements of the Customers. The Park offers the possibility of renting segments covering up to 3,000 m2 or as small as ones covering, e.g. 100 m2. Each module, even the smallest one, has access to a loading ramp, 1.10 m level gate, 0 m level gate, sanitary facilities and manoeuvering yards. In the production and warehouse areas there are also office rooms facilitating companies’ logistic processes.


The office area in the south mezzanine of the building is divided into 10 repeatable segments with kitchen annexes, technical rooms, sanitary facilities and separate entrances.

The office area located in the mezzanine in the east part of the building covers two storeys of open space offices with conference halls and smaller meeting rooms.

Modern and air-conditioned offices are designed mainly for companies renting the Park’s production and warehouse areas.


Other objects available for renting:

  • 11,000 m2 area of manoeuvering yards
  • 130 parking places


Additional offer of the Park:

·        Complete communication and IT infrastructure.  

·        Area supervision (24-h monitoring & security service).

·        Cleaning services  

·        Additional services provided by the Park or by collaborating entities:

·         Accounting services

·         Legal services

·         Tax services

·         Support in the creation and promotion of economic entities

·         Consulting, IT and training services

·         Support in obtaining financial resources, including ones from the EU

·         Support in searching for employees for companies operating in the Park.





!!! AREA AVAILABILITY: At the moment all areas are rented. For updated information concerning available areas please contact Ms Justyna Bartecka: , Phone: 503 135 663.


The production and warehouse hall is the first phase of our activities. Further plans connected with the UpperSilesianIndustrial Park include the development of the remaining part of the area, specified as Stage 1 (see picture below). The work in those areas will be focused on passive buildings and laboratories helping in monitoring, examination and analysis of the energy efficiency factors. The initial collaboration offer concerning that scope of our activities will be presented in the near future. 


Stages 2 and 3 illustrate the investment potential of the areas adjacent to the Park, for which the development plan is being created. The Park, together with its partners, supervises the trends and forms of development of those areas.


The Park is created by the companies operating in its area


At the moment in the Park there are 22 companies, mainly small- and medium-sized ones. The companies renting the biggest areas are: AP HOLDING Sp. z o.o.
Sp. k. (production of ecological bags), ARCHIDOC Sp. z o.o. (company document management, outsourcing services), TNT Express Worldwide (Poland) Sp. z o.o. (courier services), Doellken&Praktikus Sp. z o.o. (sale of baseboards), Lektronix Ltd (industrial automatics), Lorencic Polska Sp. z o.o. (sale of building products); there are also other companies, such as: SSG Sp. z o.o., Office Depot Sp. z o.o, Transpoint Sp. z o.o., Transpoint International  Sp. z o.o., Immago, Adamet-Niemet Sp. z o.o., Automat Spec, AT Architektura, Eko Bryza Sp. z o.o. , Silesia Nova  Sp. z o.o., Magnus s.c., Quick Service, IT Point, Oknoplast Sp. z o.o., „Dar-Bet” Trans Bańka Dariusz, „Rafago” Marek Słupski.




Górnośląski Park Przemysłowy Sp. z o.o.

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Contact Person

Justyna Bartecka

Marketing Director

Phone  + 48 503 135 663


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