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Industrial and technology parks are separated on a certain area sites prepared for enterprises. Depending on the type we can distinguish two types of parks:


  • industrial parks - generally involve a group of separated real estates together with existing infrastructure remaining from restructured or liquidated enterprises.
  • technology park (science and technology) - involve sites and buildings located on them together with technical infrastructure, created in order to trasfer knowledge and technologies between science environment and entrepreneurs.


In Silesian Region the following sectors are restructured: heavy industry, mining and metallurgy. The technical infrastructure (equipment, delivery networks and other objects related to services on energetics, heat, water delivery, sewage and wastes derivation, transport and teletechniques) remains from liquidated mines, steel works and other companies. The most importans issue for created parks is the fact that they emerge on so called equipped sites, with full access to heat, gas, electricity and water.


There are the following parks operation within Silesian Region:


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