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Silesian Industrial Park

Silesian Industrial Park emerged on the basis of agreement signed on the 17th of July 2003.  It is located in the areas of two cities: Ruda Slaska and Swietochlowice.


The signatories of the agreemnent are:


  • City of Ruda Slaska,
  • City of Swietochlowice,
  • Industrial Development Agency Inc. in Warsaw,
  • Ruda Development Agency „Inwestor” Ltd.,
  • PPUH „Rudpol-Opa” Ltd.,
  • Industrial Heating Plants „Carbo-Energia”.
  • Technical Equipment Plant Inc. „Zgoda”


Silesian Industrial Park covers the area of 1090,20 ha. It is a separated area, constituting the compact complex. It covers the post-industrial areas along the Diameter Road Track and located not far from the highway no A4, railway line Drezno – Wroclaw – Katowice - Przemysl - Kijow and airport in Pyrzowice.


Silesian Industrial Park was created on post-mining areas such as Mine „Wawel”, Mine „Zgoda” or  Technical Equipment Plant  „Zgoda”.


The mission of SIP is to create modern, EU standards coherent, fulfilling investors requirements offer, enabling to provide business activity that is economically and socially effective.


Goals of SIP:

  • creation of new workplaces and reduction of unemployment,
  • management of post-industrial and post-mining areas,
  • economic and social revitalisation of degradated post-industrial quarters,
  • increase of competitiveness of enterprises operatin in SIP, development and modernisation of infrastructure existing on restructured areas,
  • possibility of gaining financial sources, including these from EU funds, for infrastructure development and trainings.


Main benefits from functioning of SIP:


  • Local economic boom,
  • Increase of socio-economic potential of the cities of Ruda Slaska and Swietochlowice,
  • Integration of local environment,
  • Increase of competitiveness of the region,
  • Imrpovement od investment attractiveness.


Benefits for entrepreneurs:


  • Investments located on the area of industrial park can by financially supported.
  • Own participation of entrepreneur related to the investment must be at least 25% od investment costs, and business activity will be provided for at least 5 years from the date of financial support grant.
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