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Industrial Park "Stara Huta"

GZUT S.A. - Technical Equipment Plant Inc. in Gliwice by Robotnicza St. 2 has created Industrial Park "STARA HUTA" with the total area 144 456 m2, which includes a group of buildings and halls and non built-up areas.


As a result of restructuring process of post-industrial areas there is a possibility to start up business activity within the area of the Industrial Park.

GZUT Company offers for rent:


  • industrial and storage halls, 
  • office space, 
  • non built-up areas


Favourable location, close to the city centre and road communication trails, including projected downtown trail, is a great advantage.


Sublessees can use the electricity, water, heating, telephone, estate supervision and cooperation services for companies operating within Industrial Park "STARA HUTA".


Moreover GZUT Inc. offers office space for rent in a 7-storey building, total area 3500 m2. The building is located on Kosciuszki 1c Street in Gliwice, with own parking and convenient access. 


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