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Zory Industrial Park

Zory Industrial Park (ZIP) was created on the basis of agreement from 29th of November 2004 signed by Gornoslaska Agency for Enterprises Transformation Inc. in Katowice and Zory Community.


Project of Par creation is realted to modernisation of existing estate and enlargement of existing infrastructure remaining from bancrupt  Rybnik Enterprise of Coal Construction PEBEROW Inc. in Rybnik.

Zory Industrial Park covers the area of 8,6 ha and is located in northern part of Zory City, 8, Boczna Street. Park is remoted for about 1,7 km from the city centre and 1 km from the road no 81.


Park consist of production and storage halls equipped in essential infrastructure, office and administration building, parkings and manoeuvre places located next ot the halls.


The area is equipped in water supply, sewage system, rain drainage system, heating system, electricity and teletechnique networks.


Offer of Zory Industrial Park:


  • Offices


5 office-social buildings area from 200 m2 to 1200 m2. There is a possibility to rent office space from several m2.



  • Halls


7 production and service halls area from 800 m2 to 3700 m2 with possibility to rent a smaller area.




  • Investment areas


8 free investment areas, total area 29 thous. m2.

area A ~ 8962 m2, area B ~ 2651 m2
area C ~ 3045 m2, area D ~ 6650 m2
area E ~ 2059 m2, area F ~ 2280 m2
area G ~ 3556 m2, area H ~ 3690 m2.


Planned date of investment complation - July 2007.


Gornoslaska Agency for Enterprises Transformation Inc. is an owner and manager of Zory Industrial Park, and render advisory and information services  for all entrepreneurs within the Park.

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