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Goleszow Industrial Park

Goleszow Industrial Park was set up on the basis of Agreement from the 1st of July 2003 signed by: Goleszow Community, Cieszyn County Self-government, Electromechanical Plant "Celma" Inc., Electrotools "Celma" Inc., Goleszow Industrial Park Ltd. and  "TROS - EKO" Ltd.


Goleszow Industrial Park was created on the basis of separated real estates from restructured company Electrotools "Celma" Inc. Park covers the area of ~11 ha, but it can be enlarged in the future with the sites of the community or other owners.


Goleszow Industrial Park offers to investors:


  • possibility of using the infrastructure (office buildings, halls, stores)
  • green-filed areas
  • local taxes and fees reliefs. 


Park is managed by Goleszow Industrial Park Ltd.


realization: ideo
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