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Welcome to the website of Regional Investors’ Assistance Centre that act within the structure of Fundusz Górnośląski SA.

We invite all companies and institutions who want to publish their own investment offers on our website to cooperation.

The European Commission has produced a new Guidance on Innovation Procurement

27 December 2023
How to make a next seven-year EU research framework programme, FP10
FP10 doesn’t start until 2028, but 2024 is going to be a big year for the next seven-year research programme, with the European Commission starting to pencil in the outline ahead of a comprehensive proposal in 2025. more
25 October 2023
European Parliament Members Advocating for Startups to Be Treated Differently from SMEs
Members of the European Parliament are championing a distinct approach to managing start-ups, as opposed to small and medium-sized enterprises. more
17 August 2023
European Commission looks to improve measuring of 5G progress
The Commission is developing improved performance indicators to monitor the rollout of 5G across the European Union. more
News of our partners
16 August 2023
Discover the 2022 EIC-funded Unicorns and Centaurs
2022 continued to bring great rounds of follow-on investment for European companies. Europe is quickly catching up to North America when it comes to the number of unicorn companies, benefiting from an increasing investment interest. ... more
26 June 2023
The Enterprise Europe Network supports Belgian company in securing EIC funding
The Enterprise Europe Network and EIC supported XenomatiX, a Belgian start-up that sprouted from a garage, is taking the world of autonomous driving by storm with their innovative light-based distance measurement technology. more
15 June 2023
New technologies for safer and healthier workers: the potential of smart digital systems for OSH
Smart digital systems have arrived to advance occupational safety and health (OSH). The use of technologies like artificial intelligence, wearables and augmented reality will be more and more widespread to ensure that workers are safe and fit. more
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