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Welcome to the website of Regional Investors’ Assistance Centre that act within the structure of Fundusz Górnośląski SA.

We invite all companies and institutions who want to publish their own investment offers on our website to cooperation.

The European Commission has produced a new Guidance on Innovation Procurement

09 August 2022
How can the home décor industry become more sustainable?
Xeraliving is leading the way with products made of natural materials through transparent manufacturing processes. Read blog article to learn how Enterprise Europe Network helped them achieve international success. more
31 May 2022
Intellectual Property in the Metaverse - Patents
During the last months, patent applications related to the Metaverse have experienced an increase due to the continuous expansion of this field, as many High-Tech companies wanted to ensure the protection of the technology they are developing. more
09 March 2022
Survey for European companies and stakeholders: Disruptions in supply chains
Under the current geopolitical circumstances, some supply chains and production lines are suffering disruptions or are at risk of suffering them in the near future. Do you or your colleagues experience or expect disruptions in supply chains? more
News of our partners
31 May 2022
WIPO Publishes New Patent Landscape Report: Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Transportation
Innovation in transport-related hydrogen fuel cell technology has boomed since 2016, the top sources of patent applications for the technology that can power vehicles without creating emissions, a new WIPO report shows. more
31 May 2022
Cartier and Tiffany & Co. trade secret dispute and Cattelan sued by Druet.
Cartier, the French luxury jewellery company, has recently sued Tiffany & Co., accusing them of trade secrets misappropriation. Maurizio Cattelan is a worldwide known mediatic artist is being sued by French sculptor Daniel Druet. more
04 March 2022
For 2022, a total of €185.9 million was allocated to the promotion of EU agri-food products in and outside the EU. S more
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