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Fundusz Górnośląski S.A. Oddział w Katowicach

ul. Powstańców 17

40-039 Katowice


phone: +48 (32) 72 85 800, extension nr: 203, 128

fax: +48 (32) 728 58 03



22 January 2019
Taxation and SMEs
Report on tax compliance costs for SMEs: the study looks at how admin obligations related to tax laws affect the propensity of small and medium enterprises to trade in the EU single market and how to improve them. more
22 January 2019
New data on exposure to dangerous substances at work.
This publication describes the development of new methods to assess the number of workers exposed to dangerous substances in the EU and the extent of that exposure. more
22 January 2019
Electric bicycle trailers: going the extra mile, sustainably
NÜWIEL's electric bicycle trailers provide a green delivery solution for heavy goods in urban areas. This young start-up from Hamburg, in Germany, wants to be a game-changer for delivery services in cities. more
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