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New initiative in Piekary Slaskie

Industrial park in Piekary Slaskie is a chance to find sollution to many economical problems resulting from restructuring process of minig industry and associated branches.

The agreement regarding Industrial Park in Piekary Slaskie emerge was signed in June 2006 by representatives of the City, Orzeł Biały Company, Communal Management Works and Gornoslaska Agency for Entrepreneurs Transformation "GAPP".

Industrial Park in a city will cover the area of about 130 ha, spreading on the border of Piekary and Bytom, between Harcerska (on the north) and Bednarza (on the east) streets, mining railway line (on the west) and Polish Railway Lines (on the north).

Construction of the industrial park will commence in 2008 ane will be divided into several stages.


First works in the Park will include reclamation, so "restoring to life" 20 ha of land destroyed by the industry. A new soil and trees will be delivered onto the prepared and bulldozed area. In this way the industrial park will be surrounded by the natural, ecological isolating zone.

In parallel the whole infrastructure will be created. New sewage system, water supply networks and access roads will be constructed. Second stage will inculde creation of entrepreneurship incubator. The initiators of the undertaking assume that thousands of old cars can be limbed, the oils and lubes stored, fridges disassembled and stored, used batteries, computer monitors, TV kinescopes and fluorescent lamps stored in the industrial park.

Planned value of the investment is 250 mln PLN (15 years), assuming that the project will be realised in a planned shape. Fianancial sources will mainly come from EU funds.
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