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Rybnik Technological Incubator (RTI)

Rybnik is located in the south-western part of Silesian Region, within the Raciborz-Oswiecim Dell. The city is characterised by good communication location - located next to the national road no 81 (Katowice-Cieszyn), regional road no 49 (Opole-Pszczyna), in the vicinity of planned highway no A-1, and not very far from the highway no A-4 crossing the SIlesian Region from west to east.

Rybnik Technological Incubator covers the area of 0,9115 ha, located in the central part of the Rybnik City (23/25, Jankowicka St.). It is remoted about 0,5 km from the city centre and about 15 km from the road no 81.  


On 30th of June 2005 the project was approved for realisation by the Ministry of Economy, on the 22nd of September the agreement on co-financing the project was signed by Gornoslaska Agency for Enterprises Transformation Inc. and Industrial Development Agency Inc. 

         Partners of the project:                                                                                


  • Gornoslaska Agency for Enterprises Transformation Inc.
  • Rybnik Community as a signatory of the agreement regarding creation of RTI, concluded on 3rd of January 2005. 
  • Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice - Center for Engineers Training, which gives an opinion to development plans, evaluates realisation of undertakings, gives services to entrepreneurs and makes own laboratories and libraries accessible.
  • Industrial and Trande Chamber of Commerce of Rybnik Industrial District, which will consult stages of RTI creation and development, attract investors and undertake activities leading to creation of favourable conditions for entrepreneurs. 

  Actual offer of RTI:   


There are a three-storey administrative building (H-shape), garages, parkings, small architecture objects ans accesses located on a 0,9115 ha site.

Administrative building consits of three segments: 

  •   segment A - 5-storey, with a cellar, in front of the Jankowicka St.;
    Usable area - 1 754 m2
  •    segment B (link) and C - 4-storey, with cellar and 4 entries, one to the segment B and 3 to the segment C;
    Usable area - 2 408 m2 
  • Garages:  transformation station building - next to the garages;
    Usable area - 28,75 m2
            9 garages;
    Usable area - 148,52 m2



Gornoslaska Agency for Enterprises Transformation Inc. is the owner and managing unit of RTI and it will provide complex advisory and information services on the area of the Incubator for all entrepreneurs.

The assuption is to transform the existing office-administrative building to the technological incubator - fulfilling all standards, both functional and technical - multifunctional, high-class office building.

             Results of investment realisation:

  •       rendering modern area accessible for SMEs,
  •       creation of conditions for diversified business activity development,
  •       revitalisation of degraded estate from former state-owned enterprise.

    The project will also contribute to:
  •       increase of local investments value of SMEs,
  •       increase of sell value of companies operating within the RTI,
  •       creation of new workplaces.




Managing person:


Tomasz Weryk
Director of Rybnik Technological Incubator

phone 032 251-64-21/3 w. 104
mobile 0600 465-130
fax 032 251-58-31

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