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Dąbrowa Górnicza - Boczna Street

An undeveloped property located on the outskirt part of the town – Strzemieszyce Wielkie, between Boczna and Rzeczna street. Access from Boczna street – asphalt pavement road. On the stretch of road adjoining to the plot, Rzeczna Street becomes a field way. Nearby: from the side of Boczna street – single-family houses; from the side of Reczna street – an area of waste land.


Owner: The administration district of Dąbrowa Górnicza. The land register No KW 14270 kept in Dąbrowa Górnicza District Court.
Geodetic analysis: plot number 3498, map chart 17
Geodetic limits: Strzemieszyce Wielkie.
Real estate - description: an undeveloped plot, from the side of Boczna street there are some remains of foundations of building (developed area - about 70 sq m) and self-sown deciduous trees – poplars, birches, fruit trees. The remaining surface of the plot is occupied by an area of waste land, covered with greenery.
This flat, irregularly shaped plot stretches out north-southwards. The plot is adjacent to Boczna street on about 45 m stretch.
Land function according to the local master plan: primary function: unmanaged urban greenery; supplementary function or other way of development: footpaths and cycle paths, technical infrastructure.
Permissible function: location of new buildings (maximum building height – 4 m) and structures connected with technical infrastructure, on condition free direct access to public road and their development with protective greenery.
Transfer method: sale of the ownership by tender
Ewa Fudali - Bondel
Strategy, Promotion, Culture and Sport Department
phone: +48 32 295 68 85
Location Dąbrowa Górnicza, Boczna St.
Area [ha] 1,8948
Water supply






Transport connections
Contact person
Institution Strategy, Promotion, Culture and Sport Department
Name Aneta
Surname Nowak
Telephone +48 32 295 68 85
realization: ideo
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