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Przezchlebie, gmina - Gliwice/Zbrosławice - developed real property


So far predominant function:
training centres

land area: 30,7818 ha, useful area: 302,25 m2



The real property is located in Przezchlebie, on the border between the two districts: Gliwice District and Tarnowskie Góry District, as well as between one municipality and one commune: Gliwice Municipality and Zbrosławice Commune. (GPS coordinates N: 50º22’26.85’’ E: 18º39’48.93’’).  Vehicle access to the real property is provided at the side of Ziemięcicka Street, via a paved access road (constituting part of the real property). The road no. 901 Gliwice - Pyskowice passes nearly 3000 m away from the real property. The real property is located approx. 15 km away from the A4 motorway, 6 km away from the national road no. 94 and 3.5 km away from the PKP railway station in Pyskowice.


The real property is developed and has flat topography. It is grown by grass, bushes and trees. The plot is fenced and has irregular shape. In the immediate neighbourhood there are cultivated fields and forests, whereas the more distant neighbourhood contains single-family residential development. It is the area of a closed radar station, developed with buildings and structures constituting its internal infrastructure. 
The real property contains a transformer station and the following buildings: water supply pump station, guardhouse, warehouse shed, as well as shelters, hard standings and internal roads.
The real property is serviced with power distribution network and plumbing installation, as well as equipped with its own well and septic tank sewage system.

Offer details

Closed areas, no spatial management plan. Because of the location (a part of the plot is located within the administrative limits of Gliwice) and its outline, the optimal way of its development would be to use it as warehouses or for residential and production-services purposes.

Contact person: Przemysław Wierzba, Michał Pyzik


Location Voiv.: śląskie, District: gliwicki, Community: Gliwice
Area [ha] 30,7818
Water supply




Sewage system


Transport connections
Contact person
Institution The Military Property Agency Regional Office Kraków
Telephone (+48 12) 455 14
realization: ideo
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