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Świerklany Górne, Industrial Zone
On the area of Świerklany Górne town by Przemysłowa Street an Industrial Zone is located. The Zone covers the area of 5.83 ha and according to a zoning plan of the county on the site the following branches and activities should be located: industry, services and petrol stations. In addition small land medium enterprises representing various branches of industry, services and other, desirable by the county, can be located here.
At present the area of 36,759 sq.m has already been sold. The investment offer includes the following sites (the total area 21,692 sq.m):
§    Site No. 1697/90 – 4,101 sq.m,
§    Site No. 1714/90 – 4,001 sq.m,
§    Site No. 1717/90 – 3,774 sq.m,
§    Site No. 1719/90 – 6,010 sq.m,
§    Site No. 1721/90 – 4,553 sq.m,
Location Świerklany Górne, Przemyslowa street
Area [ha] 2,1
Water supply






Sewage system


Transport connections
Distance (km) from motorway lack of data
Distance (km) from airport lack of data
Distance (km) from railway station lack of data
Contact person
Institution Urząd Gminy Świerklany
Telephone (032) 432 75 13
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