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23 March 2018
Copernicus data offers new chances for innovative businesses

How can businesses use the data from the European Union's Earth Observation Programme, Copernicus? The Enterprise Europe Network is organising a conference and matchmaking event to explore these opportunities. "Earth Observation & Copernicus Technologies and Solutions for User Applications" will take place on 19 April, 2018 in Bochum, Germany. Registrations are open.

Looking at our planet and its environment, Copernicus offers information services based on satellite earth observation and in situ (non-space) data. The data generated since the launch of the first Sentinel satellite in 2014, offers an enormous range of potential uses. Through cross-section IT technologies such as big data, cloud computing, digitalisation and geoIT, this data is increasingly accessible for commercial products, processes and services.

Conference and matchmaking: ideas for new developments

The goal of the conference "Earth Observation & Copernicus Technologies and Solutions for User Applications" is to enable knowledge transfer and to stimulate the development and marketing of new Copernicus-related products, services and solutions. The event will bring together:


  • technology experts
  • service providers
  • manufacturers
  • users from selected application fields

Participants can take part in thematic workshops to:

  • exchange ideas on technology trends
  • identify market demand
  • explore the potential of Earth Observation and Copernicus technologies


Thematic workshops in five application fields

The event will focus on several application fields:

  • Energy/Renewable Energies
  • Mining/Post-Mining
  • SmartCity/Urban Monitoring
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Maritime Technologies

Cross-cutting subjects will be discussed in two additional workshops on the use of Open Data for mobile app development and change detection for monitoring of land use and land coverage.

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