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18 August 2017
Port & Douro wine events

A Portugal Enterprise Europe Network has been working closely with NERVIR, a local association in the North of the country, in the promotion of Soul Wines events 2016/2017. This initiative is carried out to provide business meetings between wine producers and potential importers and has two main objectives:

·                For the Port & Douro wine producers participating in the event, to find new business partners abroad, for their wines;

·                For the importers invited, to discover new wines suited for their markets and portfolio.


Two events will take place this year:

1.              Opinion makers visit to Douro, Portugal – 18th to 22nd September

2.              In Douro Wine Export Business – 19th to 21st October


If any entrepreneurs (opinion makers/importers/distributors) would be interested in participating in the events, organizers would be glad to help in registration.


Please note that the main organizer of both events covers all costs regarding travel, hotels and transfers . Equally important, the potential participants will be previously selected by the main organizer, NERVIR.


For more information on both events, please take a look at the flyers attached below.


Please feel free to contact us should you need any additional information:


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