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22 March 2010
Piekary Śląskie - Rich History, Promising Future


Piekary Śląskie, part of a conurbation in Upper Silesia, is a city with a rich history and traditions dating back to the 13th century. The city is located at the heart of the conurbation and has convenient road connections with Warsaw, Prague, Lviv and Wrocław. From Piekary, it is no more than 20 kilometers to Katowice's Pyrzowice airport, offering connections across the world.

Piekary is considered the region's spiritual capital. It boasts the Basilica of the Miraculous Icon of Our Lady of Piekary, dating back to the 17th century.

Piekary is also proud of its Provincial Hospital of Traumatology. It is a vital medical base for organizers of the Euro 2012 soccer championships. One of Poland's best orthopedic centers for many years, the hospital maintains links with medical centers in Europe and the United States. The hospital has state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff applying modern diagnostic and treatment methods in everyday practice. Piekary's "Urazówka" casualty ward is familiar to many athletes brought here with serious leg, arm, head or spine injuries for treatment. Many soccer players owe their return to a sporting career to the hospital's specialists.

Every year Piekary hosts hundreds of tourists and worshippers from Poland and Europe. They come here to see the famous sanctuary with its Basilica and Hill of Calvary, which was once frequently visited Cardinal Karol Wojtyła, later Pope John Paul II, an honorary citizen of Piekary.

The city has modern hotels awaiting tourists. They are cheaper than those in other cities of the conurbation. From Piekary, it is close to Cracow, Częstochowa and Wrocław, must-see places for those interested in Polish culture and history. Piekary also has the Kopiec Wyzwolenia (Liberation Hill), built to commemorate insurgents fighting for Silesia's freedom. A beautiful panorama of the city and the region stretches from the top.

Piekary has well developed sports facilities. Local club pitches have often been used as training locations for the Polish national team before important matches at the Śląski Stadium in Chorzów. A sports/recreation complex with a swimming pool and training facilities will be built in Piekary by 2012.

For prospective investors, the city has a special attraction: the Nowe Centrum (New Center) at the heart of Piekary, a unique opportunity to create up-to-date public space.

The plot of 11 hectares, located near the A1 freeway interchange, offers good transport connections with the whole conurbation. That makes the site an excellent location for a shopping, services and entertainment complex.

Another project the local government is touting to businessmen is the Piekary Industry Park, a postindustrial area of 120 hectares designated for business. Preference will be given to advanced technology and environment-friendly projects. The park has plots ranging from 3-10 hectares. They may be consolidated to suit the investor's needs. For the sake of residents, the whole postindustrial neighborhood of the park will be surrounded with a belt of greenery as natural "insulation."

Piekary residents say the city is a good place to live. The commune has designated attractive land plots for single- and multi-family homes. Far from the city hustle and bustle, the projects will have a well developed network of schools, kindergartens, health centers and public transport. Piekary offers an alternative to the increasingly expensive life in the conurbation's large cities.

Daily life in Piekary sees plenty of cultural events, including exhibitions, open-air painting workshops, meetings with artists, writers, scientists and more.

The local government Radio Piekary station reports news from around the region. Over ten years of broadcasting, it has become the most popular radio station in the region, effectively competing with commercial stations.

In Piekary Śląskie, you will receive a warm and friendly welcome, experience Silesian hospitality and discover the locals are reliable people.

Teresa Nowak, Town Office Press Spokeswoman
Marcin Gaweł, Office for Promotion, Development and European Union Funds


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