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The areas are located about 500 m from the centre of the city and consist of several sites of the total area of 2.5 ha. The areas are located between Szymały Street from the South, which is main one-way street of the city and Długa Street that connects the city with the city of Bytom and Tarnowskie Góry. From the North the area is adjacent to a planned bypass of the city.
The land property offered for sale is located on Bukowa Street, in Ruda Śląska
The land property offered for sale is located on Bukowa Street, in Ruda Śląska.
On the area of Świerklany Górne town by Przemysłowa Street an Industrial Zone is located. The Zone covers the area of 5.83 ha and according to a zoning plan of the county on the site the following branches and activities should be located: industry, services and petrol stations. In addition small land medium enterprises representing various branches of industry, services and other, desirable by the county, can be located here.
The total area of the site is 153 ha. The area possesses well developed communication infrastructure. The technical infrastructure can be modified in accordance with an investor’s requirements. The area can be divided into small plots. The area is suitable for production companies, services, logistic and storage.
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