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Dąbrowa Górnicza – Ząbkowice, Armii Krajowej Street
A developed property located in Dąbrowa Górnicza – Ząbkowice, directly at Armii Krajowej Street, in the vicinity of crossroads with Zwycięstwa avenue. The real estate is surrounded by single family housing, in the vicinity of park greenery. The region is well serviced – within a radius of about 100 meters, there are bus stops, allowing for immediate access to the city centre. Access to the plot from Armii Krajowej Street.
Owner: The administration district of Dąbrowa Górnicza. The land register No. KW 17 423 kept in Dąbrowa Górnicza District Court.
Area: 34 a 62 sq m
Geodetic analysis: plot number 900, map chart 5. Geodetic limits: Ząbkowice.
Real estate – description: the plot of irregular shape with three-storey old school building.
Technical data of the building:
cubic capacity - 2000 cu m
usable area - 530 sq m
Land function according to the local master plan: Primary function: areas of public utilities buildings. There is a possibility to develop, reconstruct, rebuild, superstruct, increase in usable standard and change the way of use of existing buildings and structures exploitation, defined as primary function. Green areas surrounding buildings situated in the primary function area must be preserved.
Transfer method: sale of the ownership by tender
Ewa Fudali – Bondel
Strategy, Promotion, Culture and Sport Department
phone: +48 32 295 68 85


Location Dąbrowa Górnicza, Armii Krajowej Street
Area [ha] 0,3462
Water supply




Transport connections
Contact person
Institution Strategy, Promotion, Culture and Sport Department
Name Aneta
Surname Nowak
Telephone +48 32 295 68 85
realization: ideo
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