Regional Investor Assistance Centre:

Fundusz Górnośląski SA

ul. Powstańców 17

40-039 Katowice


phone: +48 32 72 85 800 extension nr: 203, 128

fax: +48 32 728 58 03


Piekary Śląskie - Podmiejska Street - between Regional Road 911 and the planned parallel road


Owner: Piekary Śląskie Municipality


Under the Piekary Śląskie Zoning Plan for the 1st area the property is situated in the area marked as A 2 P and designated for production activity, bases, warehouses, garages and repair shops.

The detailed zoning regulations are stipulated in par. 11 of Resolution No. LIII/517/06 of Piekary Śląskie City Council on the local zoning plan for the 1st area dated 31st May 2006.


Location Podmiejska Street, between Regional Road 911 and the planned parallel road
Area [ha] 3.0673
Water supply


Transport connections
Distance (km) from airport 20
Distance (km) from railway station 10
Contact person
Institution Department of Real Estate Management, City Council in Piekary Śląskie, Bytomska Street 92, room 208
Telephone 32 3939 346
realization: ideo
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