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Bytom - Real property, Strzelców Bytomskich St.

Real property

Strzelców Bytomskich St. (the area of the former coal-mine ,,Powstańców Śląskich’’)


Area: 29,6 h


Plots No.: 41/5, 193/3, 194/3, 205/3, 206/3, 207/3, 209/3, 220/3, 223/3, 317/1, 318/1, 424/1, 429/1, 431/1, 432/1, 435/1, 436/1, 488/1, 489/1, 490/1, 491/1, 492/1, 493/1, 494/1, 495/1, 496/1, 497/1, 498/1, 1474/5, 1475/5 registered in the real – estate registers No. KA1Y/00014932/6, KA1Y/00036893/0, KA1Y/00038323/8, kept by the City Court in Bytom

Participations in plots being a parts of internal roads.


Owner: State Treasury, perpetual user - Municipality of Bytom.

Description of real property: Not – built up real property of polygonal shape, located on the former industrial area. Access to following streets:

·         Strzelców Bytomskich St. (existing exit from the former coal-mine ,,Powstańców Śląskich”),

·         Dąbrowa Miejska St. (an architectural project: length of the road – about 1150m, parking spaces for lorries and passenger cars),

·         Narutowicza St. (planned connection).


Area destination: There is lack of the valid local spatial development plan for the area. Therefore, the conditions of the investment’s realization must be settled on the basis of the decision regarding the building conditions and area development. There is a possibility of production objects location.


Available utilities:

·         a technical network in the south-east border,

·         a sewage pumping station with a sanitary sewage system in the southern part of the area,

·         a heat distribution network near the residential buildings at Strzelców Bytomskich St., and low and high voltage wires run in the southern part of the property,

·         along separated road and next to the buildings; distribution board 110 kV is located in the immediate vicinity, in the northern part of the area,

·         a water supply network along the western side of Przy Kopalni Street and near residential buildings, situated outside the borders of the area,

·         a gas network with connections to residential buildings along Strzelców Bytomskich and Przy Kopalni Streets.


Form of property transfer: The sale of perpetual right of user, public tender.


Additional information:

Under the City Council resolution, there is no local spatial development plan for mining areas. The resolution provides for issuing a separate decision on the conditions of the site development.


Location Strzelców Bytomskich St. (the area of the former coal-mine ,,Powstańców Śląskich’’)
Area [ha] 29,6
Water supply






Sewage system


Transport connections
Distance (km) from motorway 25
Distance (km) from airport 23
Distance (km) from railway station 5
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Contact person
Institution Municipal Office, 2 Parkowa St., 41-902 Bytom
Name Ilona
Surname Kapica
Telephone (032) 283-62-26
realization: ideo
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