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City of Zawiercie, Business Activity Zone - "A" Zone
The total area of the site is 153 ha. The area possesses well developed communication infrastructure. The technical infrastructure can be modified in accordance with an investor’s requirements. The area can be divided into small plots. The area is suitable for production companies, services, logistic and storage.

Assessment of benefits
City of Zawiercie offers major economical benefits to foreign investors who decide to locate their investment on its area and are able to sell products or provide services internationally.  Benefits that can be obtained by the investor relates to different branches of industry. The savings made by a manufacturer amount to 20 Eurocents for 1 Euro worth product and it can reach 50 Eurocents, in extreme cases 70 Eurocents. Average level of savings amounts to 40 Eurocents.
All analyzed branches of industry can be considered as profitable in terms of foreign investment and in particular investments in machine and equipment production sector and transport equipment production sector. The location guarantees profits for investors who want to relocate their unprofitable production abroad or locate a part of their production on the area.
The researches revealed that relocating production from 13 countries of EU to city of Zawiercie is highly profitable. It has to be mentioned that location of investment on the area is very profitable for investors from Germany, Great Britain and also Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Netherlands. The following branches are fairy profitable: industrial production, transport, storage, communication, education and heath service. /Report of National Economy Chamber, Institute of Democracy and Private Company Research/
Location Zawiercie – Marciszów
Area [ha] 153
Water supply






Sewage system




Transport connections
Distance (km) from motorway 13
Distance (km) from airport 28
Distance (km) from railway station 2
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Contact person
Institution Urząd Miejski Zawiercie – Biuro Obsługi Inwestora
Name Artur
Surname Grabowski
Telephone (032) 672 43 31
realization: ideo
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