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Wodzislaw Slaski Business Activity Zone

 Wodzislaw Slaski is a county city located in south-western part of Rybnik Plateau and part of Silesian Region.


Wodzislaw Slaski posesses many advantages and great economic potential that ensures its dynamic development. The most important factors of development are:


  • Considerable industrialisation,
  • Highly qualified technical staff,
  • Developed serives and trade sectors,
  • Vicinity of Polish-Czech border,
  • Universities,
  • Accessibility of areas for construction,
  • Equipped post-mining areas, available for production activities,
  • Energetic reliability, and some reserves of electricity, heating and gas, accessibility of water sources.


Wodzislaw Slaski city posesses many interesting areas and estates for potential investors in its offer.  The status of the city as well as its geographical location and communication connections are an interesting proposal for all entrepreneurs.


Wodzislaw Business Activity Zone


The zoning plan allocates 400 - 500 ha of areas for future economic investments, among others in the following locations:


  • national road Rybnik - crossing point in Chalupki,
  • Marklowicka Street - areas located next to the road towards Zory,
  • Wilchwy - over 100 ha post-industrial site for production purposes, equipped,
  • Olszyny - over 100 ha complex of sites for production and services purposes,
  • Pszowska Street - areas for services purposes - next to the road towards Raciborz,
  • Zawada - production areas next to the road towards Raciborz,
  • Center - Matuszczyka Street - equipped areas for services purposes,
  • Batorego District - fully equipped for housing purposes in a form of organised activity with services objects.
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