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Business Activity Zone - Piekary Slaskie

Piekary Slaskie is located on the northern edge of Gornoslaska Agglomeration. Is borders with Swierklaniec from the north, Bobrowniki Bedzinskie and Wojkowice from the east, Siemanowice Slaskie and Chorzow from the south, Bytom and Radzionkow from the west. City is located in the basin of Vistula river.



Stron points of Piekary Slaskie City:


  • Favourable location of the city in the communication system of Gornoslaska Agglomeration - crossing of the main road no 911 with planned highway A-1 and vicinity of airport Katowice-Pyrzowice.
  • Environmental values - the city is located on the edge of industrial areas, attractive place to live for those who like silence, calmness and greenery.
  • Areas for business activity, including investment-construction areas of Business Activity Zone and post-industrial estates remaining from liquidated big companies
  • Deposits of hard coal with low sulphur content.
  • Agricultural potential of peripheral agricultural crops, and fallow lands that migh be used for industrial crops production, including ecological fuel.


Business Activity Zone – Piekary Slaskie


In 2000 the Business Activity Zone was created on degradated areas of Piekary Slaskie City, along the Podmiejska and Obwodowa Zachodnia Streets. Areas of the Zone have the ownership relations regulated, are equipped with essential infrastructure and opportunely communicated with the neighbourhood. The conditionf for providing business activity in the Zone are very attractive.


The sites in the Business Activity Zone belonging to the community are rented for 10 years. But mayor of Piekary Slaskie city can sell the land to the renter according to the procedures of selling the communal property, which results from the Regulations of the Business Activity Zone.


Investors from Myslowice, Bytom, Tarnowskie Gory, Krakow, Swierklaniec, Piekary and abroad are very interested in setting up business in the Zone. Additional financial benefit for investors locating their capital in the Zone is the resl estate tax exemption. 


Piekary Slaskie Community beyond the Zone, offers other investment areas among others located next to the regional road no 911. These estates are planned for commercial activities, warehouses, production companies, stores, but also car washes, small gastronomy and parkings.

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