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Business Zones - Chorzow

Chorzow is a city located in teh center of Gornoslaskie Industrial District, which is one of the most important cultural, scientific and economic centers in Poland. Chorzow is an important center of mining, metallurgy, chamical, metal, energetic, food processing industries, one of cities of Gornoslaski Metropolitan Union.

Strong values of Chorzow:

  • good and easy access to main communication trails: highway A-4 (East-West) and Diameter Road Track
  • well developed railway network ensuring passanger and cargo connections with many cities in Europe, including: Berlin, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Bratyslawa, Kijev
  • developed courier network POCZTEX, DHL
  • easy connections with international airports Pyrzowice - 30 km from the city centre, Balice by Cracow - 70 km from the city centre with a quick connection by highway A-4, offereing regular connections among others with Frankfurt, Rome, Hamburg, London, Dusseldorf
  • well educated population of medium and higher level
  • 10 universities with 60 housands of students, which number has increased for the last 5 years by 70%
  • well developed base of private education.


Business Zones in Chorzow

There are many post-industrial areas located in Chorzow, which lost its function, but the encouraging factor for creation of new investments on post-industrial areas is resl estate tax exemption within business zones. 

The main goal of creating business zones in Chorzow was to encourage the investors to build new production and services facilities on the areas involved in the zones. Applying tax exemptions causes that the area of business zones are more attractive for investors.

Three are 3 business zones in Chorzow:

1. Zone "Centralna" (Central) includes the areas unnecessary for Steel Works Kosciuszko, former meat processing plant and area of former Mine 'Polska" district "Prezydent".

2. Zone "Południowa" (South) includes the areas unnecessary for Steel Works Batory.

3. Zone "Północna" (North) - areas unnecessary for Nitrogenous Plant.

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